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MENA’s nationalisation agenda: shifting the dial with targeted learning and development programmes

With an ambitious trajectory for economic development – as detailed in a recent ten-year government plan – the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is looking to accelerate its approach to upskilling …

Man with open arms addressing the room. HR Trends 2024

Workplace challenges: qpeople’s top 5 HR trends for 2024

Although we’re drawing further away from the tumultuous events of 2020, their impact is still resonating across our social, cultural and economic landscape. Businesses that successfully navigated the existential challenges …


Team dynamics: the secret to productive and profitable collaboration

Anyone who’s ever managed a team will know that teamwork isn’t something that automatically happens when a bunch of people start working together. Rather, its success rests on a team …


Psychological safety: the key to unlocking a high-performance workplace

Businesses are increasingly recognising the part workplace culture plays in fostering sustainable, high-performing teams. Research consistently shows that promoting psychological safety – the shared belief that it’s OK to take …

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Bite-sized learning and development programmes that deliver giant gains

As the digital transformation of businesses continues to accelerate, the need to respond nimbly to the evolving demand for new workplace skills is becoming increasingly urgent.

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Switching to automatic: how generative Artificial Intelligence is impacting corporate L&D

It’s fair to say that ChatGPT has been hitting the headlines recently. Just a few months after its launch, this shape-shifting chatbot from San Francisco-based tech firm OpenAI has already …

people huddled around a desk brainstorming- qpeople blog

How organisational culture is key to effective business succession

As the Machiavellian exploits of one of TV’s most infamous business dynasties reaches its gripping conclusion in HBO’s multi-award-winning drama series, its thorny subject matter – business succession – has …

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Building resilience: identifying, developing and retaining high potentials (HiPos)

In uncertain times, businesses need – more than ever – the ability to select and develop the talent they need to thrive in ambiguity. Identifying these so-called ‘high potentials’ (HiPos) …


Developing a coaching and mentoring pathway: promoting purpose and performance

The turmoil of the last few years has not only impacted companies’ individual learning and development strategies but has fundamentally reshaped the broader corporate landscape, accelerating digital transformation and challenging …


ESG: responsible leadership in practice

In the last few years, CSR has been overtaken by its more socially conscious sibling, ESG (environment, social, governance), as businesses attempt to respond to diminishing levels of public trust …


Belonging: the missing ingredient in Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) considerations are becoming firmly embedded in the policies and practices of future-facing businesses. But if HR leaders are to optimise the employee experience over the …


Embedding DE&I: diversity, equity and inclusion as a journey, not a destination

The business case for embracing diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) is clear. A 2020 report by McKinsey shows that companies with highly inclusie workplaces perform better – and are more …

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Leading through change and ambiguity in 2022: workforce skills and competencies

The world of work is going through a period of rapid transformation. According to a 2020 report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), half of all existing employees will need …


Talent Management: creating a healthy pipeline

When the supply of talent is plentiful and good jobs are at a premium, companies often feel they can afford to take a relaxed approach to recruitment and retention. If …


Leading through change and ambiguity in 2022: Key leadership qualities

The importance of a leader’s ability to navigate through disruption has been emphatically confirmed by events of the last two years.   It’s hastened a shift in L&D priorities: the leadership …