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We create strategies that help you effectively manage and grow your people

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What is it we shape?

Let our occupational psychologist Gordon explain more.

Planning for success

Empowering people to achieve their potential is the single, best approach businesses can take to cultivate the talent, skills and resilience they need to survive and thrive in an uncertain future.

The most effective people strategies are those that intelligently connect company culture with core competencies and organisational goals – but they’re not always easy to define and develop. We can help.

qpeople can lead transformational culture change, advise on organisational goals/strategy alignment and recommend effective performance management systems.

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Constructing a practical framework

At qpeople, we work closely with our clients, exploring their culture, skills base and goals to develop the clarity and context we need to plan a successful strategy and to build and embed the systems and structures to deliver it.

How can we create a culture for positive change?

  • How do we ID future leaders?
  • What does success look like?
  • How can we build employee well-being and boost engagement?
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We can help with

We design and develop robust behavioural frameworks which reflect your organisation and help nurture talent.

We assist in aligning your organisational, leadership, team and individual development plans to your broader business strategy.

We collaborate with clients to produce clear, concise, and engaging communication strategies.

“qpeople is providing some really timely coaching and leadership development for my leadership team. This ongoing engagement is having a really positive effect, developing their leadership capability and confidence to deliver against some really challenging targets.”

John Hilton, Head of Water Delivery and West Cumbria Engineering Delivery, United Utilities.

We Measure

We benchmark existing skills to match learning provision to individual needs

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We Develop

We design learning and development programmes for leaders, talent and teams

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