qpeople believe that assessing and benchmarking your people against organisational metrics is fundamental to successfully target learning and development.

It is often said that people are the biggest asset in any organisation. This may be true, but they can also be the biggest variable and the most unpredictable part of an organisation.

At qpeople we can assess your people against desired criteria, understand where the gaps are, where there is potential and where there is superior capability. From this we can produce data that enables you to make informed and robust decisions about talent and development. We have designed and managed assessment and benchmarking processes for many clients.

qpeople can help you with

Profiling your people’s
personality, type and levels
of emotional intelligence

Establishing benchmarks
for success

Identifying development
needs and talent


Helping you shape your strategies to manage and develop your people.

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Helping you assess your people to target learning and development.

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Helping you develop learning programmes for your leaders, talent & teams.

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